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Friday, 10 May 2013 0 Comments by Claire

Guidelines for commenting on my blog
Here are the guidelines for commenting on my blog -

West Hill Road blocked until further notice but highways officers doing all they can

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 0 Comments by Claire

The main route between West Hill and Ottery St Mary remains closed until further notice, but highways officers say they are doing all they can to speed up repairs.

West Hill Garage is suffering due to loss of trade, which comes after a different section of West Hill Road was closed for weeks last year. 

I have been in touch with highways officers on a frequent basis asking for updates and letting them know of the increasing number of complaints I am receiving about the block, which is the result of a cavernous sinkhole under the tarmac, which extends further than the centre of the carriageway.  I have also expressed concerns at the impact on West Hill Garage, after owners contacted me early last week. 

Residents of Toadpit Lane are also complaining to me that traffic is using the lane as a ratrun as it is the official diversion. Toadpit Lane is a tiny single twisty country lane and there are reports of speeding and unsafe driving.

An officer told me yesterday that: “Approval in principle has been given to the design by our Flood Risk Management Team .  Now we have an estimate and a design I have again stressed the urgency to our Asset Management team suggesting that, if necessary other programmed works be re-programmed to allow this repair to be expedited.”

Photo: The deceptively large hole in West Hill Road, which is blocking traffic.

Cuts fears prompt retired chief police officer to bid for Devon and Cornwall Crime Commissioner

Monday, 08 February 2016 2 Comments by Claire

I have never been a supporter of the Police and Crime Commissioner function and opposed the post during my 2015 general election campaign. 

However a few weeks ago I was put in touch with a potential candidate - Bob Spencer - a former assistant chief constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, who is community spirited, passionate about policing and very concerned about the effect of government cuts on vulnerable people. 

He indicated that he wanted to run as an Independent and told me about his work as a magistrate, Chair of the Adult Safeguarding boards - and of his distinguished police career.

It piqued my interest and he was obviously an excellent candidate.  Although I hadn’t gone along to meet him with the intention of joining his campaign, within an hour I was so impressed that I had offered to run his media relations work!  See below for more….

EU parliament votes in favour retaining “nature laws”

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 0 Comments by Claire

I am absolutely thrilled that the EU parliament has voted in favour retaining these laws, in the first step in a two stage process.  George Osborne described them as “gold-plated” and hinted that he wanted to scrap them.  And big business piled in to give reasons why they should be weakened.

It means (if the next stage of the process is similarly supported) that the rare birds, mammals, flora and fauna living on the East Devon pebblebed heaths are safe from this government’s obsession with economic growth at all costs.

Very happy indeed!

AND what another very good reason for remaining in Europe….

West Hill Road closed until further notice as hole worsens

Tuesday, 02 February 2016 5 Comments by Claire

West Hill Road will be shut until further notice, highways officers have said.

Unfortunately, the hole has further collapsed over the weekend.

An estimate for replacing the whole culvert with a new pipe has been requested, while someone from the bridge maintenance team visited last night to assess the practicality of repairing just the collapsed section.

West Hill is being serviced by buses still, however, they are turning around in Bendarroch Road as they are unable to travel down West Hill Road.

I will continue to update you….

Approx 50 protesters from across East Devon attended tax avoidance/MP funding cuts vote demo today

Monday, 01 February 2016 1 Comment by Claire

Around 50 residents from across the district attended this morning’s protest demonstration against big business tax avoidance.

Also protested against was the forthcoming vote in the House of Commons next week, which is set to axe a further £28m from Devon County Council’s budgets.

Despite sending a letter to Hugo Swire on the subject a few weeks ago he has remained silent on the points I raised, simply passing my email to David Gauke, Treasury Minister…. 

My speech is below.

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