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Please complete my survey to help focus my parliamentary manifesto… !

Friday, 10 May 2013 10 Comments by Claire

A survey to help focus my parliamentary manifesto

East Devon Alliance chairman: Undemocratic empire building folly crashes in flurry of crisis m’ment

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 4 Comments by Claire

Paul Arnott, East Devon Alliance chairman, doesn’t mince his words on the latest news on EDDC’s office relocation mire -

EDDC drops HQ move to Skypark. We’re going back to Honiton now, it says

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 1 Comment by Claire

I am not sure that anyone in East Devon will have have been familiar with a more atrociously managed project, than EDDC’s office relocation.

Here are 10 reasons why I think that this project is possibly the worst managed public sector project in the country.

1. The council made a formal decision to move before it investigated how much it would cost
2. It didn’t bother to consult the public, save one or two events in Sidmouth and one “stakeholder event” last year
3. It has made almost every decision behind closed doors
4. It has spent tens of thousands of pounds, maybe more, on keeping information secret, that the Information Commissioner rules must be public
5. It cannot, or will not, tell councillors or residents how much a new build will cost
6. It plans to build brand new offices at a time of significant financial austerity, when services are being cut
7. It spends almost a million pounds on thinking about building new offices
8. It has spent an indeterminate (probably very large) amount of public money negotiating to buy land at Skypark since February.
9. First it says it will move to Honiton because it is central, then it says it will move to Skypark, cos… it can give no good reason .... now it says it will move to Honiton again
10. The conservative leadership repeatedly attacks independent councillors (mainly me) for criticising and questioning the plans.

Wainhomes issues gagging clause on its Feniton purchasers

Monday, 24 November 2014 3 Comments by Claire

At this evening’s Feniton Parish Council meeting, the village turned out in force to discuss and ask questions about yet another major planning application - from Wainhomes, which now wants to build 31 houses adjacent to Louvigny Close, partly on land that was rejected by the planning inspector back in April.

EDDC councillors kept in dark over council merger, until agreement signed today

Monday, 24 November 2014 10 Comments by Claire

Councillors were informed of a new partnership with Exeter and Teignbridge Councils this afternoon. 

We are told that the consultation with us will take place in the new year - after today’s agreement has been signed!


What does it mean for the unpopular and vastly expensive office relocation? 

What does it mean for planning, given the talk of economic growth… and finally - is this act of unilateralism the final nail in the coffin of a deeply undemocratic council?

Are they REALLY serious about a consultation after the agreement is signed?

A task forum to protect trees gets underway at EDDC, next week

Sunday, 23 November 2014 0 Comments by Claire

A scrutiny committee task and finish forum (taff) gets underway next Friday (5 December), which aims to provide greater protection for “trees of merit,” across the district.

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